Well, I’m back in the US. Eight years of doing this job has left me well off financially, but it’s taken it’s toll. I’m ready for a break!

I’m taking a ton of PTO – March through mid May – to unwind, visit family, and attend a wedding. After that it would be back to the same old grind, only this time with a crap-tastic commute. Or not.

It’s March of 2016 and I’m turning 30 years old in a very good position: I’ve got a million invested, I’m at an ideal weight and in relatively good physical fitness, and I have choices. I don’t really want to have that insane commute, so let’s explore some options.


Option #1 – Initiate the SuperPlan

Quit the job and consider myself FIRE’d. This option is the most ballsy, yet has a statistically high success rate. In accordance with the SuperPlan, I’d work through the fall and resign in December. This sounds good, but I’m having a hard time not investing the $50k cash buffer for years 1-5. That same $50k, if invested, could pay me $1k per year, every year in dividends alone if the yield remains around 2%. Plus growth.

I could do a lot with $1,000. Plane tickets to see family. A season pass to go snowboarding. All kinds of things.

Also, I’m a little uncertain about kicking off early retirement in Salt Lake City. I dunno. Something about being so close to Former Employer.


Option #2 – The Gap Year

I could take a leave of absence for up to a year and test out early retirement. Basically have $15k in cash set aside, and turn on the dividend faucet to pay for the rest. This would do a few things:

  1. Further test my $2,500/month spend rate
  2. Get used to planning around the quarterly dividend & interest payments
  3. Allow me to jump back into work if SHTF, or I feel I miss the structured nature of a day job (yeah right).


Option #3 – Continue working the same job because I’m a big scaredy-cat.

Since the commute is outrageous, the only logical move forward in this career is to say f**k it and deploy once again. I’ve already calculated that another year gives me an additional $350 per month, forever, but it really isn’t the best option when I think back to how unhappy as I was most of the time during the last deployment. Besides, I think I have enough money, so going after more would be greedy.

There’s also a non-deployable position open here instructing the new hires. Maybe I’ll just do One More Year stateside and deal with the aforementioned commute.

Fear and greed. Such nasty things.


Option #4 – Coolworks.com

Coolworks.com is an awesome website that shows jobs postings for non-cubicle types. I often dream of being able to go snowboarding on a regular basis like I used to ten years ago, so I select “Ski Resort Jobs” and see what’s open at the moment.

For example, I could be a Gondola Operator at Telluride in Colorado. Operate a gondola for $14/hr for at least 20hrs per week and get a free season pass? That doesn’t sound too bad! I could even go full-time, four days a week and continue to pad that 401(k), get employer health insurance, and receive other benefits.


So what’s it gonna be? Time will tell. But for now, vacation!


7 thoughts on “Options

  1. I have often thought the Coolworks would be a great way to ease into FIRE as well! A little bit of income to help subsidize costs, you don’t have to worry about boredom with all of your newfound freedom in “retirement”, and a free season’s pass is certainly a big perk! Maybe you should do a combination. Works for another 6 months and bank as much as possible and then find a job at a ski resort.


  2. I got your request to see my PintSized blog. That was actually my old blog and hadn’t realized it was linking to it. I have fixed that link so you can see my current blog.

    Out of curiosity, what is the significance of Vermonter in your blog name? Do you have links to Vermont?


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