All packed up

All packed up

All good things

Come to those who wait. True

Must come to an end. Also true

For me, my incredible expatriation to Germany was coming to an end. As I packed up my things and looked into the empty living room, it was easy to think of how fast it all went.

It had been eight months since I returned from my last deployment to Afghanistan. Long enough, apparently, because Mr. Employer asked me to go back once I moved back to the US.

Only six months again? Fine, no problem. I thought I was going to be done with that place, but I suppose I’ll do another round. My home goods shipment hadn’t even arrived yet, and I was on a flight bound for a place I’d already spent three years of my life.

When I got off of the plane I walked single file with the rest of the group to the pax terminal to check into the base. After that, I texted my coworkers to come pick me up from the sim card I still had from the last deployment.

The place hadn’t changed a bit. It is the armpit of Afghanistan, and I was back.

The next day I sat down at my new office spot with a little more trepidation. Is this what my life is going to be like? How long am I going to keep coming back here? These thoughts kept happening, and I eventually thought, “How much money do you need to retire?”

A quick Google search brought me to a Forbes article, which lead me to Mr. Money Mustache.

My mind was blown.

You mean to tell me, Mr. Mustache Guy, that you can actually stop working once you have a less-than gigantic pile of money? I was hooked. I could, in fact, handle Maximum Mustache, so for the next few weeks I read every single article on his blog, start to finish. He just makes sense. And he was right. I was about to do it all wrong.

As I digested his blog I immediately found others. Living A Fi, jlcollinsnh, Mad Fientist, Root of Good, etc. I read these and was inspired to write my own SuperPlan.