Bryce Canyon, shredships, and hot springs

Quitting my job has been a very freeing experience. I’ve spent heaps of time decompressing: long walks, increased amounts of reading, park sessions laying in the grass alone with my thoughts.

This weekend I went down to Bryce Canyon National Park with my best friend. Our shredship is most excellent. (A shredship is a friendship born from shredding pow pow, specifically hard charging heavily treed runs on skis or a snowboard.)

We left Thursday evening after she got out of work. It started to rain as soon as we loaded my things into her car, but that almost enhanced our mood to get out of the valley and head on an adventure. In typical shredship fashion, we stopped at a brewery within the first hour of being on the road! We sampled all of their beers, but since this is Utah we did it two at a time. Kat grabbed two growlers, one a stout, and one an American Pale Ale, and we continued down the road.

Since we were getting to Bryce so late we decided to wild camp just outside of the state park. Kat found a site from a blog post after a quick Google search and it ended up being a perfect spot right off of a main road. There were fire pits set up, and nice flat clean areas that were clearly used often by campers.


Wild camping outside of Bryce Canyon. I’m stealing your photo, Kat.

Here’s the location for the campsite.

Friday and Saturday, Bryce Canyon National Park.

This place is unbelievably beautiful. It’s known for the countless vertical rock formations known as Hoodoo’s.


The color gradient is impressive below the cloud street.


A lone Hoodoo


The trails were in amazing condition


Hey there!

Saturday night was full of lawn golf, food, and lots of wine and beer. I’m sure we pissed off a few folks at the camp site, but whatever. Our drive back home on Sunday would only take four hours, and I drove so that Kat could catch up on some much needed rest.

In my mind, I was totally fine with just driving straight home. But in hers, simply driving straight home would not have been sufficient! So, she quickly consulted Google and found the Meadow hot springs about twenty minutes ahead of us. These springs are literally ten minutes off of the highway, so how could I say no?

There are three pools (I think), and this one was just the first and closest one we came up to. Other people were there, so it was also a safe bet. The water wasn’t too hot; it felt like a solid hundred degrees but no more.


Assisted slack lining


The land owners say they haven’t found the bottom yet. Even with scuba gear.

Meadow Hot Springs location

There’s so much to see and do not only in Utah, but all over the world. I’ve been more relaxed, yet busier than I normally was while working. This Saturday I’ll be heading to Oregon for two weeks for a couple paragliding events. I’ll be taking a SIV course, and will be attending the Super Clinic.

Until then, it’s time for another cup of coffee.