0759_8x10final_Hey, I’m Nick.

I’m a paraglider pilot, RC enthusiast, and aspiring early retiree.

Since 2008 I’ve been working my ass off and inadvertently saving most of my income. Like many other people I was looking at expensive houses, customizing BMW’s online, and generally looking forward to lifestyle inflation. But in the fall of 2014, I was frustrated with being back at work and googled something along the lines of “how much money do you need to retire?”. The Google Box took me straight to Mr. Money Mustache, and I had my fi-piffany.

Boy, was it a good thing I came across his blog. I was on the path to another twenty plus years of trading time for money and I was blindly okay with it.

I’m realizing what it means to have enough, and am about to leave the rat race. And I’ll tell you, I couldn’t care less about that customized BMW 428i I got a quote on.

This blog is about taking a different path in life. It’s about the transition from The Working Years, to execution of The Super Plan, and the start of a new life.


Want a peek into my life? Come on in.